Nickel Fire Zone, an pro football defensive pressure scheme

by Gibran Hamdan

A pressure defense that has all the makings of a turnover
Prolific Pro
Matt Bowen

Matt's aggressive style from the safety position made him a perfect fit for defenses predicated on pressure.

During his six-year NFL career Matt was trusted based on his tremendous athletic ability to not only blitz the QB but cover lots of ground in zone blitz schemes.


Nickel Fox Fire Zone Diagram

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Nickel Fox Fire Zone Notes

QB's don't throw an interception to the dropping defensive end!! I did this exact thing in my first college football game against a nickel fire zone just like this.

This zone defensive blitz scheme allows a "D" to pressure with the ability to reduce risk by playing zone behind it. Often times the pressure from the strong (field) side of the formation forces a QB weak in his progression and into the waiting arms of the weakside defensive end (E).

Key players in this deceptive play are the two safeties (SS & FS). The Strong Safety and Free Safety must be cognizant to disguise the play and not move to their zones too quickly. If for example, the SS comes down behind the nickel back (N) too soon the QB may be alerted and change the play, thus negating the surprise attack.


Gibran Hamdan
Gibran Hamdan


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