Spider 2 Y Banana, a terrific play-action west coast offensive football play

by Gibran Hamdan

Clutch play-action play loved by the pros

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Spider 2 Y Banana Diagram

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Spider 2 Y Banana NOTES

A terrific and reliable West Coast offensive football play that relies on misdirection and timing to get dudes open. The reverse pivot and play action fake from the quarterback help to draw in the defense.

An integral part of the design of "Y" Banana is the fullback (F). He must be a good actor and sell the cut block on the defensive end to draw him upfield and then smoothly slip past the defenders to get open in the flat.

This really is a feast or famine play - which is why the F is so important. As you can see there are only 2 primary receivers on this play with and alert to the tight end (Y). When the execution on this play is precise though it can be a very effective and easy completion.


Gibran Hamdan
Gibran Hamdan


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