Statue of Liberty, an Iconic play from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl

by Gibran Hamdan September 13, 2016

Iconic play from the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

Iconic Play from an Iconic Game

Statue of Liberty Diagram

2007 Fiesta bowl, statue of liberty play from Players make plays


This iconic play will surely go down as one of the most incredible ever. The audacity to call it at such a critical time, the clever design, and most importantly the flawless execution. There are key things to understand about calling trick plays like the Statue of Liberty. Generally, trick plays are set up long before they are called - a genuinely cool thing about them. I've been on teams that have set up trick plays starting during the first week of the season and waiting for the right time to call it weeks later. Without a doubt, the Broncos had been setting up the possibility of this play throughout the game by throwing the quick screen to the wide side of the field.

On those quick screen throws to the wide side of the field during the 2007 Fiesta bowl, the coaching staff were intently keeping an eye on the backside defensive end (E) and will linebacker (W) to see how aggressive they were in following the trajectory of the ball. Their actions throughout the game were the key ingredient in determining the play call on this critical conversion

While everyone plays a key role in this play there are certainly some main focuses. The tight end (Y) must sell the opposite direction nature of this play in order to gain leverage on his block on the defensive end. The Quarterback (Q) of course must do a great job of selling the wide side screen while transferring the ball behind your back, no easy feat. Finally, the Halfback (H) must utilize his best acting skills and be coy before ensuring a secure handoff.


Gibran Hamdan
Gibran Hamdan


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