An iconic play design - cemented in history. ** Note red shirt has date of 1982 Championship game on right sleeve.


Sprint Rt Option Diagram

Sprint Right Option, The Catch

QB Read Progression

  • 1. Z
  • 2. X


Sprint Right option, originating from Paul Brown's playbook in the 1950's relies on a natural rub or pick and a perfectly timed pass. The "Sprint" describes the quarterback's path towards the side of the play. He is really looking to release the ball on his 3rd step ( or 5th in some instances) to the slot receiver (Z) who is running a quick flat route off of a pick/rub set by the outside receiver (X).

In the case of "The Catch" the Z receiver fell down and Dwight Clark (X) stayed alive in the back of the endzone on his return route.

Another key part of this play is the play side back's cut block on the defensive end. It is essential that he get the player to lower his arms or down on the ground to enable the QB a throwing lane to his primary receiver.