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Gibran Hamdan

General Manager

After a 6 year career as an NFL QB and earning NFL Europe MVP honors, Gibran Hamdan began a career in fashion design. Gibran's 1st successful brand Alial Fital began after he taught himself to sew using his wife Jenny's sewing machine.

He's since also launched the customizable kids brand Ace Playfield

The idea for Players Make Plays came about from an increased desire to highlight, educate, and artistically deliver one of the most unique aspects of the game of football: the play diagram

Gibran Hamdan designs Players Make Plays football t-shirts

Player Make Plays, football t-shirts for the ultimate NFL Fan

Beauty in the X's & O's

Unlike a majority of other sports, an initial football play diagram / plan is essential.

While sports like soccer and baseball enjoy a free flowing style,football requires a beginning template to control the chaos.

5+ years removed from his playing career, Gibran finds beauty in the graphic design and seemingly simple nature of how these plays look when drawn up.

Insider designs for the ultimate fan

Players change, Coaches change, but iconic plays will live forever. Players make Plays celebrates the historical nature of these plays that will be passed down for generations - because they work.

PMP is for the avid football lover for sure, but we hope some casual football fans or even non-fans will find value in the minimalistic design aesthetic.

Players make plays, pro football plays on tshirts