322 Y Stick Tote

A terrific play - that's often overlooked by coaches.

gibran hamdan quarterback of indiana university
Middling College QB
Gibran Hamdan

Started 6 games in college career - Played well in 1.

  • 6 oz

    100% Cotton Canvas

    Dimensions - 16 x 14 inches

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322 Y STICK Diagram


I was an average college quarterback at best. Any success I achieved was primarily due to the tutelage of my senior year offensive coordinator Al Borges. He installed the west coast offense and was incredibly detail oriented which helped me develop a true understanding of the offense.

322 Y stick is an incredible play and many times taken for granted by coaches. The key read starts strong with the fullback (F) and tight end (Y). While some will argue it should be a simple F1 Y2 read I think the read is much more complex than that. In addition, as you become experienced with the play as a QB you can anticipate this read appropriately and still deliver the ball immediately after your 3rd step hits the ground.

After reading the front side of the route which can sometimes be taken away if the Mike Linebacker (M) gets involved covering the (Y), the QB should reset looking for (Z) over the ball hoping the weakside flat route by the (H) stretches the Will (W) linebacker.



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