Fox 2 XY Hook T-Shirt

A west coast offense staple, designed to hit the tight end on the QB's 5th step

Prolific Pro
Matt Hasselbeck

Matt's quick thinking, incredible instincts, & world class accuracy were well suited for Fox 2 XY Hook - his favorite play.

This 3x Pro Bowler developed into arguably the most quintissential West Coast Quarterback of his generation.

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Fox 2 XY Hook Diagram


This comfortable play call is loved by many quarterbacks & coaches alike. The passing attack of the West Coast offense is predicated on rhythmic timing between the QB and his receivers. XY Hook is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy. The QB should take a 5 step drop (including a token flash fake) to the halfback (H). The best in the business won't need a hitch step and will simply plant and throw to an open tight end (Y). If that option is covered - likely by an inside linebacker (M/Mike or S/Sam) - the QB can then hitch to the weakside receiver (X) and attempt to complete the 12-yard hook route. The key culprit in defending this pass is generally the weakside linebacker (W or Will). The pass fake and fullback (F) route are put in place to try to attract the attention of said Will linebacker with the hopes of hitting the throw behind him. If the W does in fact, stay put underneath the X hook route then the logical final option for the QB is to throw the check-down (dump off pass) to the fullback.

The Z receiver is running a post route, which for years wasn't even a thought progression for coaches and QB's until a new generation of players started recognizing the opportunity for a big play over the top. This opportunity generally comes after running the play a few times in the game and attracting the attention of the strong safety (SS). Once he starts getting nosy the play really opens up. It should come as no surprise Brett Favre was a key advocate in convincing the powers that be, old coaches set in their ways, that the methodical approach of high completion percentage and slowly working the ball down the field, should sometimes make way for "taking a shot downtown".



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